ERF1000 KIT - Evaluation kit for ERF1000 module


easyRF developed an evaluation kit for the ERF1000 module

3 Boards, battery holders, USB adapters, JTAG programmer and 2.4GHz antenna.

- With ethernet, 1 board (gateway)
- Without ethernet, 2 boards (nodes)
- 2.4GHz module (ERF1000)
- USB port
- RS232
- RS485
- IrDa interface
- Capacative rotary switch
- Joystick
- Graphical LCD
- RGB led
- Color sensor
- Proximity sensor
- Humidity sensor
- Pressure sensor
- 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer
- Battery holder

- USB power supplies
- 2.4GHz antenna
- JTAG programmer

- Contiki drivers and source code
- Node.js - server software

Application example
- Auto mesh network forming using RPL
- Continuous route optimization
- Full support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols
- HTTP protocol for easy integration with webservices
- Remote firmware upgrade
- Complete web application
- Written using the popular and easy NodeJS Express framework
- Front-end built as a single page application using the latest technology such as AngularJS and Bootstrap CSS