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small, smart and simple ....

easyRF is designer of wireless communication solutions with an easy-to-use approach

With the different product groups easyRF targets different applications and markets. The products are standard and off-the-shelf products, but customization of the products is possible. The easyRF design-center is knowable and able to make quick design changes depending on the requests and complexity. With the in-house RF-laboratory the team is able to test, qualify and optimize antennas.

easyRF's mission is to have products with an easy to use approach and is well known as antennas and RF modules supplier. Developers can come to a perfect IoT design, created through a solid cooperation between easyRF and Quectel.

small, smart and simple... easyRF

  • small and compact products
  • smart modules with MCU
  • simple to implement
  • easyRF

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    The products of easyRF has been taken over by Summit Electronics.